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Who Dat: Fantasy Basketball Week One

By: Sam Breiter

Welcome to “Who Dat”, a weekly guide to learning about fantasy basketball players who are seeing noticeable success. No household names here, but players who have shown huge fantasy value and should be considered being picked up if not already taken. Obviously you can’t expect the limited success will last all season, as these players have not yet proven themselves, but we’re not going to give you any reason as to why not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a category or a points league guy, these players have made a statement in both league formats.  So without further a do, here’s Who Dat for week one.

Michael Carter Williams (PHI)– Two weeks ago if you were to walk around, and were to ask people if they ever heard of Michael Carter Williams most people wouldn’t have an answer. Today, people cant stop talking about the six foot six point guard from Syracuse. He was the 11th pick in the NBA draft, and has already outplayed and beaten Lebron James and Derrick Rose, two of the leagues best. He has proven to be quick, explosive, productive, and a great decision maker. In his debut he almost got a triple double, but don’t expect that to be the only time.

Week One Stats– 20.7PPG, 9.0APG, 4.4 Steals, 46.8FG%

Miles Plumlee (PHX)- After Marcin Gortat was traded from the Suns to the Wizards, the expectations for the Suns rebounding game diminished. Yet, maybe the Suns knew that Gortat would just get in the way of the leagues next rebounding machine. Plumlee wasn’t given a chance as part of the Pacers last year, not even averaging four minutes a game. Plumlee has shown that he is an animal inside the paint on defense and offense.

Week One Stats- 15.5PPG, 14.0RPG, 3.0BLK, 56FG%, 37.5 MIN

Miles Plumlee has put the NBA on notice (Via USA Today Sports)

Miles Plumlee has put the NBA on notice (Via USA Today Sports)

Vitor Faverani (BOS)- His name may get confused for a famous pasta dish at your local Italian restaurant, but this 25-year-old Brazilian center has given the Celtics something to look forward to. Clearly he is no Kevin Garnett, but he has been putting up similar numbers to the future hall of famer, in just his first few games.

Week One Stats- 12.5PPG, 10.5RPG, 4.5BLK, 53.3FG%, 32 MIN

Alec Burks (UTA)- Burks faced two years of being a role-playing prospect for Utah, but now with an improved role the shooting guard for the Jazz is receiving real minutes. In the early goings of the year his shot looks better then ever, and on the defensive end he looks very motivated. Utah doesn’t look very competitive this year, but Burks will have a huge role in scoring buckets, and running the offense.

Week One Stats- 18.0 PPG, 3.7RPG, 3.0APG, 48.8FG%, 31 MIN

Jodie Meeks (LAL)- With no Kobe for now, and Steve Nash dealing with injury and old age, where do the Lakers go? Well, the answer is Jodie Meeks. The Lakers have no one to go to, and Meeks has been nothing, but ideal for the Lakers. The 26-year-old shooting guard has never been a clear-cut NBA starter, and his job is definitely not safe for this year. Yet, even if pulled out of the starting lineup when Black Mamba returns, expect him to be the number one guy taken off the bench if he continues the hot run he currently is on.

Week One Stats- 13.7PPG, 4.0RPG, 52FG%, 41.7PT%,


Sam Breiter is a high school senior at Plainview- Old Bethpage JFK High School. Sam is looking to major in sports management, with a minor in communications next year.  He is the co-founder of dabuzzza.com. His favorite teams are the Mets, Giants, and Knicks. You can follow him on twitter at @baseballbreiter  @baseballbreiter

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups

By Josh Wicker

Even though the season is just starting, the NBA still has many surprises and uncertainties. Fantasy owners are still unsure if players’ performances are the real deal or just a fluke. Here are some must adds for the Fantasy Basketball 2013-14 season:

Standard League Finds:

Michael Carter Williams (78.8% owned in ESPN Leagues)- Almost a quadruple double in his first career game. That was an incredible performance and if he is still available in your league, he is a must add. He is on a team that has potential but lack depth at the point guard position. It appears that the 76ers are giving him a main role with the team and as a result, fantasy owners should take notice.

Michael Carter-Williams enters his first season with high expectations, after a breakout debut game (Via Philly Sports Live)

Michael Carter-Williams enters his first season with high expectations, after a breakout debut game (Via Philly Sports Live)

Deandre Jordan (58.2%)- I cannot understand how he was not taken in most leagues as a mid to late round pick. He provides points, rebounds and blocks on a very good Clippers team. He is also getting a very high amount of minutes and of course, you cannot forget about the lobs. Even though Doc Rivers does not like the term, Lob City still exists and Jordan is one of the two main beneficiaries.

Reggie Jackson (46.8%)- KD can not do everything for the Thunder. He needs a Russell Westbrook to soften the load. But, since Westbrook is injured, the Thunder are looking at Jackson as a solid starter at the point. He might even play at the shooting guard position when Westbrook gets back. He can provide steals, points and assists and should be picked up.

Miles Plumlee (8%)- Since Marcin Gortat was traded to the Wizards, a spot has opened up at center,and it seems like Plumlee has got a good grasp on it. He performed very well (18 points, 15 rebounds) and the only competition is with unproven rookie Alex Len. The Suns organization plans on giving Plumlee a lot of playing time and fantasy owners need to capitalize on this.

Taj Gibson (3.16%)- He is clearly the first big man off the bench for the Chicago Bulls. The only reason that he is not starting is because the Bulls are very deep with big men. However, they have one of the better front courts in the league. He provides solid rebounding and points for the Bulls and also can for your fantasy team.

Deeper League Finds:

This section contains players who are owned in less than 2% of ESPN leagues, but can be high reward or should be owned by more people in larger sized leagues.

Andrew Nicholson (1.6%)- Even though he is not playing many minutes, Nicholson is still providing 30+ minute like stats. He is currently one of the first off the bench for the Magic, but could easily become a starter because of his stellar play.

Randy Foye (0.6%)- When you get this far down in percent owned, normally all of the players are backups. But Foye is the starting shooting guard for the Nuggets alongside Ty Lawson and will provide points and three pointers. He is a scoring threat and can even add a couple of rebounds.

Boris Diaw (0.4%)- One of my personal favorite players, Diaw will
normally be brought in for defense, but can also pass extremely well and nail the occasional three. He currently plays about 20-25 minutes a game but that can increase because of the old age of the Spurs. He is a scrappy player who will fight for rebounds and is a good add in deep 16 or more team leagues.