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Lions Schedule Leaks Early

By Brett Malamud

With an hour to go before the schedules are officially released, the Lions have theirs already out there. Per the Detroit Free Press:

Lions 2014 regular season schedule

Week 1: vs New York Giants on Monday Night Football

Week 2: at Carolina

Week 3: vs. Green Bay

Week 4: at New York Jets

Week 5: vs. Buffalo

Week 6: at Minnesota

Week 7: vs. New Orleans

Week 8: Atlanta in London

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: vs. Miami

Week 11: at Arizona

Week 12: at New England

Week 13: vs. Chicago (Thanskgiving)

Week 14: vs. Tampa Bay

Week 15: vs. Minnesota

Week 16: at Chicago

Week 17: at Green Bay


Brett Malamud is a Computer Science Major at Binghamton University. He is the co-founder of dabuzzza.com. His favorite athletes are Derek Jeter and Todd Bertuzzi. You can follow him on twitter at @brettnyy