World Cup Predictions

By Vishnu Nagaraj

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Match 1:

Group A Winner: Brazil

Group B Runner-up: Netherlands

Winner: Brazil


Match 2:

Group C Winner: Ivory Coast

Group D Runner-up: England

Winner: England


Match 3:

Group E Winner: France


Group F Runner-up: Nigeria

Winner: Nigeria


Match 4:

Group G Winner: Germany


Group H Runner-up: South Korea

Winner: Germany


Match 5:

Group A Runner-up: Croatia

Group B Winner: Spain

Winner: Spain


Match 6:

Group C Runner-up: Greece

Group D Winner: Italy

Winner: Italy


Match 7:

Group E Runner-up: Switzerland

Group F Winner: Argentina

Winner: Argentina


Match 8:

Group G Runner-up: Portugal

Group H Winner: Belgium

Winner: Belgium


Match 9:

Match 1 Winner: Brazil


Match 2 Winner: England

Winner: Brazil


Match 10:

Match 3 Winner: Nigeria

Match 4 Winner: Germany

Winner: Germany


Match 11:

Match 5 Winner: Spain

Match 6 Winner: Italy

Winner: Spain


Match 12:

Match 7 Winner: Argentina

Match 8 Winner: Belgium

Winner: Argentina


Match 13 (Semi-Final 1):

Match 9 Winner: Brazil

Match 10 Winner: Germany

Winner: Germany


Match 14 (Semi-Final 2):

Match 11 Winner: Spain

Match 12 Winner: Argentina

Winner : Spain


Match 15 (Final):

Match 13 Winner: Germany


Match 14 Winner: Spain

Winner: Germany


Match 16 (3rd Place Game):

Match 13 Loser: Brazil

Match 14 Loser: Argentina

Winner: Brazil
In this World Cup I am predicting Germany to win. They are arguably the most complete team in the world and they have perfect chemistry and balance. Spain will finish second as their lack of height and strength will harm them in the end. I expect Brazil to finish a disappointing third and Argentina to finish fourth. I am predicting Germany forward Thomas Muller to be named the MVP of the tournament however, I am predicting that Argentina forward Lionel Messi to be the leading goalscorer in the tournament.


Vishnu Nagaraj is a finance major at Binghamton University. He is a self-taught DJ and sports fanatic. His favorite teams are the Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, San Diego Chargers, and FC Barcelona. You can follow him on twitter at @DJVishMusic.


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